Use Exposure Slider

You may not know how to control the exposure on your phone much like on a DSLR camera. After you open the camera app, you should focus on your subject manually with the touch of your finger. You will see that you can lock the auto focus and adjust the exposure by tapping and holding a spot on the screen.


Know Angles and Background

The best angles for taking dynamic photos are shooting at eye-level or slightly underneath your subject, and shooting from a bird's eye view. Taking a photo from above is the easiest way in order to get an entire tablescape in one photo. But, a close-up shot can reveal details such as moisture, texture, and color.

Also, pay attention to the background that gives an image context while staying clean and simple. Some people like to include the ambiance of the bar like sitting at the bar with the shelf and bartender in the background. Anything but random bar patrons in the background can look nice.


External Light is The Best, Avoid Phones Flash

When shooting in a dark bar, lack of reliable light source is the most common problem. As, the camera can’t see like your eye sees, you can trick it with your friend’s phone light. If you don’t like too much light, grab a cocktail napkin and cover it, you’ll get a cooler and more dramatic lighting tone.

As natural lighting is the best ideal, if you're in front of a window, use it. But too many windows all around will wash out your image. Whatever, avoid the flash. It may wash out your image and also make even the tastiest dishes look unappealing.

Use Filters

You can use filters wisely like VSCO, Snapseed, and A Color Story. But take a step back and ask what you are trying to accomplish before messing around with filters. Choice of filter mainly depends on what you want your photo look like.

Take Lots of Photos

Take lots of photos by moving props around and getting different angles. You should take 25 photos to get one spectacular shot rather than quickly snapping one or two. You may easily make mistakes, even awful lighting, so, edit to get perfect photos. If you are looking for accommodation in Mandalay, we recommend Nova Hotel Mandalay.





Visiting our Nova Rooftop Bar this Friday night? Here are Some Pro Tips on taking the Best Instagram Photos in a Bar.

Are you a person who takes picture of every food and beverage you get in bar and posts them on Instagram? If so, here are some Pro Tips on taking the best Instagram photos in a bar. If you are looking for accommodation in Mandalay, we recommend The Hotel Nova Mandalay.


Use Phones Grid

Tools on almost all smartphone devices allow you to overlay a grid onto every photo you take. They typically help to ensure the best angle on straight-on shots and top-down shots. Those capture the cleanest lines and these are easy on the eyes. You can find the grid toggle in your photo and camera settings on an iPhone. For the android, check the setting in your camera app first. If you can't find, download a third party app like Camera 360 to turn it on.



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